What’s turning me off from applying for a PR in Australia?

What’s turning me off from applying for PR in Australia?

Just a few points:

1. It takes a long time to actually get an answer on whether or not you get your PR. During the waiting period, it’ll be very hard to get a permanent/full-time employment anywhere.

2. You need to work in your nominated industry for a certain period of time. God knows I’m not too keen in being in the accounting profession. I was actually contemplating jobs related to the finance industry (trading, financial planning, and etc.) before proceeding to flying.

3. Unless you get a good-paying job, things can be rather expensive over here.


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  1. isn’t the tax structure is turning u off as well?

    • hmmm, as an employee, to a certain extent maybe. but i still think the potential to earn a higher salary is much better here.

      as a businessperson, as you might be aware of, there are always ways to set up your business structure to be more efficient tax-wise.

  2. lonelyplanet92 says:

    i tot being a bumiputera in Malaysia you will have a lot of advantage in this country? So why u migrate?

    • I never said anything about migrating.

      Plus, being a bumiputra or non-bumiputra, I still have to work hard to achieve something. Nobody’s going to serve anything for me on a plate.

  3. I know this is really old, but I came across your blog by chance.
    In regards to obtaining a PR, it does depend on luck (in my opinion). However, the job market is picking up and it is much easier now to get a job than before (i’ve just recently changed jobs). I too did contemplate returning to Malaysia, but after some thinking, I’ve decided I am far better off staying here.

    Firstly, if you earn an average income (which it is very easy to do if you are a graduate) you can lead a pretty good life. Plus you don’t have a HECS debt so you’ll still get a fair amount. A large number of finance companies are big on hiring anyone so you dont’ have to go straight to accountancy. Heck you can go to an investment banking or a trading firm to start things off.

    Secondly, lifestyle here is , in my opinion, just better, healthier and free-er. I mean, yes the food is great in malaysia, things are cheaper, and yes the tax is lower, but I have to be honest. To be able to wake up on a glorious sunday morning and see blue skies on a beautiful spring/summers day, and stroll outside to a nearby cafe and just enjoy your day cannot be beaten by cheap mamaks and cheap clothes. Working ethics here are constrained by lifestyles and employers understand that employees have a life, a family amongst other things and should they need their employees to work longer hours, they are usually awarded for it as opposed to the “expected” long hours all malaysians are expected to keep.

    Thirdly, if you were a PR, and to eventually become an Australian citizen, you would be treated like a citizen, like a proper first-class citizen. You wouldn’t be discriminated against as compared to a caucasian. Its a fair country. As johnny howard used to say,” It’s fair dinkum mate”

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. I thought I add my comment as well. I made the decision to stay in Australia when I finished uni in 1999. And have been working here ever since.

    Is it better here? I think it is up to you. But I agree with the previous posting. Your purchasing power is a lot better here. Think petrol. It’s A$1.20/ltr at the moment. But it’s RM$1.90/ltr in M’sia. Don’t convert unless you get paid in AUD and working in M’sia.

    Whilst work can be demanding here, it would be the same in malaysia, but lifestyle here is fair. I say no to my staff who wants to come and work on weekends, so that’s the lifestyle. Ppl say tax is high here, which I agree. But think of facilities you get – good road, Medicare, education (check out the uni fees for local students), Centrelink etc.

    But we say hujan emas negeri orang, hujan batu negeri sendiri, baik lagi negeri sendiri.. I’d say, tepuk dada, tanya selera.


  5. Hi, I happen to come across your blog when I googled for finance malaysia blog. I have 3 sisters and 2 nieces who are PR in Australia. 2 of my sisters are now citizens.

    I have visited Australia many years ago and I just love the lifestyle there. There was an instance when my sister was buying something (can’t remember what) and there was a tear in it. The cashier told my sister that she’ll get a new one because she can’t give a broken one to her. That’s ethics. I don’t think you will find that here in Malaysia.

    And basic needs like food for home-cooking are very cheap in Australia.

    If I had the chance, I’d like to get an Australian PR.

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