CFD Trading/Share Trading: Costly Mistake

A number of days ago, a trading signal was generated and I placed a limit order with my online trading platform.

Usually, with my limit order, I include a “time of expiry” in which, if the order was not filled by the specified date and time, the order will automatically be purged. For that particular order, it was supposed to be filled by the close of the trading day, or I’m not getting on board at all. However, I was too lazy to type in the date and time of expiry. I though, nah, I’ll just check back later.

Guess what? I totally forgot about the order. It was in the system for the next few days and was eventually filled. The next time I checked my trading platform, I noticed the screen registering a loss of a few hundred dollars. I was like, where the heck did that come from?

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