Pictures from the Sunday Market (17.05.2009)

As requested by Nazarios and Farahreen, here are some of the pictures from the Sunday Market. For more photos, go to here.

We are currently in the process of winding up our Sunday activity, so, not many items up for sale anymore.

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Brisbane Sunday Market: 10.05.2009

It has been an interesting day last Sunday trading at the Brisbane Market, Rocklea.

I have been selling there on Sundays for over 2 years now with a friend of mine.

I reckon we did quite okay on that day. Met some colourful characters in the form of customers. There’s this one kid who bought three battery packs from me for AUD6. He handed AUD6.50 to me and told me to keep the change. That was interesting. It’s the first time ever for me to encounter a person who voluntarily hands over loose change and say “keep the change mate!”. Well, lucky me I guess 🙂

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How does a profit of 3.9% sounds to you?

How does a profit of 3.9% on your high-risk investment sounds to you? Not so attractive? That’s what I earned today with my part-time Sunday Market hobby cum business. Only 3.9% profit margin. Haha 😀

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Sunday Market – Back in full swing

After a 6-month hiatus, I’m back again with my sunday activities. It’s time again to wake up at 3.30 in the morning every Sunday.

What’s so interesting about Sundays?

Well, wake up at 3.30, take a bath, perform Fajr prayers, rock off with a friend to the Sunday Market, and open up a stall.

The last time I was trading at the Sunday market was before the exams last year. After stopping for about 6 months (holidays in Malaysia and all, read about it here and here), it does take a while to get the momentum up again. At first, the prospect of waking up at 3.30am on a Sunday was unthinkable! But once you’re there, and goods started to sell, then it becomes interesting.

I first started trading in the sunday market about a year ago with a friend. Started off with no experience at all and without knowing what to expect. As time goes by, you start to get the hang of it. The money is nothing to be proud of, but hey, at least I’m doing something. Plus, the experience that you get by interacting with locals and observing how businesses are run is priceless.

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