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Global Art Bandar Tun Hussein Onn

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Global Art Bandar Tun Hussein Onn is owned and operated by the dynamic and young husband and wife team, Hj. Faliq Fauzi and Hjh. Nadia Zchang-Ani.

At school, both of us came from the science stream. At the tertiary level, we delved in Psychology (with a special interest in Child & Developmental Psychology) and Entrepreneurship.

Art is just something that we love to do. Not bound by strict and rigid way of thinking, we aim to conduct our structured programmes in a fun manner, full of conversations, and full of explorations.

Art is not our profession, it’s our passion. So, imagine what we could offer to your kids!

We combine our own philosophy of teaching with Global Art’s Creative Learning Methodology to equip your kids with art experience, techniques and skills that can be applied throughout their lives, irregardless of the paths they choose.

Global Art’s syllabus was established 10 years ago and is being used in over 550 centres around the world.

Being good in art is not a gift. It can be nurtured. And yes, knowledge in art is applicable anywhere!

Enrol your little Van Goghs, Picassos, Kandinskys, and Monets today!

Classes will be conducted in either Bahasa Malaysia, English, or Mandarin depending on the students.


Some of our past activities:






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