Nadlique is blogging from Sydney!

Just some quick updates.

You may have noticed that I have been missing in action for quite some time. Apologies for that.

I have actually been busy with a lot of things these past few weeks.

First up, exams. Results came out today. Pretty happy with it I guess. Got two 7’s and two 6’s. Nothing will be complete without my CPL though…

After exams were out of the way, I had to fly down to Sydney to participate in something that could potentially transform my life. Unfortunately, it was an unsuccessful attempt… Amazingly dissapointing I tell you… It felt like a slit to my throat…

After that, my mum and her friends arrived in Australia and I had to bring them down to Sydney again for holidays.

So, here I am, 0600 hours in Sydney writing from my laptop with my newly acquired pre-paid wireless broadband (pretty neat little bugger this thing!).

Alright, catch you guys pretty soon!


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