It’s Not the End Result, It’s the Journey

I came across this saying on the internet and on some books and I thought to myself, it is really true, especially when it comes to the journey of being financially free.

The journey of being financially free or being rich is a hard and a long one. It requires persistance, determination, and discipline. It also requires a person to think positively all the way through.

Now, a person might not succeed afterall. A person might fail. But that doesn’t mean that that person should stop working towards his or her goals.

In the quest of wealth-creation, taking risks is a must. In fact, what is life without a bit of a risk huh? All that matters in the end is how you manage that risks. Like how General Patton used to say, “Take calculated risks.”

Okay, I’m starting to ramble here.

Anyway, what matters is not the end result, it’s the journey. On your adventure of wealth-creation and life, don’t beat up yourself if things doesn’t go your way. Remember to have fun as well!

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