I’m Home.. Finally!

1st December, 3.25 PM.. Kuala Lumpur’s time.. Historic moment.. Air Asia’s D7 2703 landed on KLIA runway 22.. On board was Nadlique, who was about to embark on his full-on R&R at home. 😛

Yup, I’m back. So, now let’s talk about my experience with Air Asia.

This is the second time that I flew with Air Asia. The first time was a domestic flight to “balik kampung“. Want to hear of something funny? A fly (yeah, a lalat) hitched a ride on our aircraft from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur. The whole journey that little bugger was buzzing around. Haha.

Air Asia X check-in counter

(Air Asia X Check-in Counter at Coolangatta Airport, Gold Coast)

Ok, enough about that, let’s talk about the flight from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur. While in the departure hall, one by one, Air Asia’s cabin crew marched in to prepare to board the aircraft. One particular flight attendant got my attention. She looked like she just came out of bed, put on tonnes of makeup and came straight to the airport. She looked really grumpy.. And and… she had this really huge pimple on her right cheek.. Kelakar! 😛 I thought of snapping a photo of her but … takut kena tangkap! Plus, it wouldn’t be fair to her to have the photo of her pimple posted on my blog. Haha.

We took off about 10 minutes late due to the aircraft arrival being a bit delayed. No problems there.

Cute Lil' Elephant Waiting for the Aircraft

Walking towards the aircraft

Another thing that I thought was quite odd was this announcement made on the ground:

Kepada kru kru darat, sila kosongkan pesawat kerana kami sudah bersedia untuk berlepas.”

What’s so odd about that you ask?

Well, the flight attendant announced that in Bahasa Melayu. That announcement was for the Gold Coast Airport ground crews! Yeah, the announcement in Bahasa was directed towards the Mat Saleh! Again, I couldn’t help but laugh. Haih.. Air Asia Air Asia.. I know la Bahasa Melayu was the lingua franca back then during the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka but now is 2007. Kemandulan Bahasa Melayu. (Kata-kata Lim Swee Tin)

Oh yeah, upon entering the aircraft, there was this really pungent toilet smell. I think, baru lepas cuci toilet kot! It’s ok, no complaints.. After all, it’s a budget airline 😉

I was actually quite surprised by the seats on board the aircraft. It was actually pretty spacious. I don’t know whether it was just an optical illusion or what but the seats had more leg space than the ones on Malaysia Airlines. Well done Air Asia!

After about 1 hour of flight, it was makan time! For those who had pre-booked the food earlier, you had a choice of having an Asian Meal or a Western Meal. I paid a good AUD7 for that privilege. For those who did not pre-book, then they had the option of purchasing the food on board. Just that, it’ll cost them more. For a nasi lemak, it’ll cost you RM25. A bottle of mineral water is RM5. For me, I paid RM21 (AUD7 times 3) which includes nasi lemak and a bottle of water. That means, you get a discount if you pre-book your food.

The food was kind of dissapointing. Again, I had to remind myself, it’s a budget airline! Below is a snapshot of the Nasi Lemak a.k.a. Asian Meal.

Nasi Lemak

And now is a snapshot of the Western Meal which consists of chicken pie, peas, mashed potatoes, and some tomato paste. Yeah, tomato paste! Don’t know what was that all about.

Western Meal

The 8-hour journey was indeed a long one. No in-flight entertainment at all. Read books and magazines for a few hours, then tried to sleep, then read again. It’s like, every single time I peeked at my watch, only 2 minutes had passed.

Some of the photos I managed to snap between my boredom:

Menu. Notice the prices!

Airbus A330 Winglet

Minutes after takeoff

Anyway, all in all, it was a good flight considering I paid half the amount of Malaysian Airlines’ air fare. Will I fly with Air Asia again? Hell yes Air Asia, you got my vote!

A message to Tony Fernandes: Atuk, I mean, Datuk Tony! Get your flight attendants to smile more la! Mereka nampak sungguh garang. I know they had the pimple problem and everything, tapi senyum la sikit.

Also, I managed to record the landing on my digital camera. The video is about 7 minutes long. And no, you are not obligated to watch the video.


P.S. For the non-Malaysian readers, sorry for the combination of English and non-English words. Just felt like adding a bit of Bahasa words to celebrate my coming home.

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