Retirement: Nadlique’s Point of View

You see, the main aim of this blog is to document my journey towards financial freedom.

The thing is, what is financial freedom to me? Does it mean that once I’m financially free, I can retire, quit my job, and spend my days relaxing on the beach? Well, no.

From my perspective, I don’t intend to retire. By retire I mean quitting my job. My aim of being financially free is to get out of the rat race. Achieving enough passive income to cover my expenses shall get me out of the rat race. After getting out of the rat race, I will then able to continue working towards a career that I actually love and towards things that are important to me.

Being financially free gives me that option. It gives me the option of being able to do the things that I enjoy doing.

Plus, I think that just sitting idle doing nothing deteriorates the mind.

So there..


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