Another E-mail Hoax : Friendster/Yahoo/Hotmail Account Deleted

Have you ever received e-mails like:

“There are too many users on Friendster/Yahoo/Hotmail. Forward this e-mail to at least 30 friends or else your Friendster/Yahoo/Hotmail account will be deleted.”

Is it true? If you think it is true, then HAHA to you.

First of all, if your account is to be deleted, you will be contacted directly by Friendster/Yahoo/Hotmail. They will not rely on chain letters to get their message through. They’ve got your details on their database.

Second of all, just think about it. More people that they have as their clients, more advertisers will want to advertise on their website. Right? More advertisements mean what, people? Yup, you guessed it right, more revenue!

Third of all, I have been receiving this since, I don’t know, YEARS ago. Not even once have I forwarded the e-mail. Sorry to dissapoint you… My accounts are still active.

Also, the same as explanation as the Bill Gates hoax, thousands upon thousands of e-mail addresses are visible on that e-mail. These addresses have the potential to be harvested, be sold to others, and be subjected to spam.

So now you know.

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