Should I work in Malaysia or Australia? (Should I call Australia or Malaysia as home?)

The dreaded moment will soon arrive. I’ll be graduating hopefully by the end of this year. Questions upon questions of what’s going to happen and what am I going to do arise.

Before, I was so certain of getting my Permanent Residency in Australia, setting up my abode over there, get a job/set up a business, then only come back to Malaysia. Now however, with all the mumbo-jumbo about the financial crisis and other what-not, I am now not so sure anymore.

In Australia, so many professionals are getting laid off and are left without jobs. How is it going to be for me? Furthermore, my academic records are really nothing to be proud of. Who’s going to hire me?

On the other hand, I have been offered a job in Malaysia. If I decide to return upon graduation, I can start right away. The salary is not that great but well, who am I to argue? It’s the time of employer’s dominance!

The thing that I’m worried about by working in Malaysia is that the things here are so bloody expensive! After deducting all the essential expenses out of my meagre salary, I’m left with not much of money to do other things (i.e. investment, luxuries, and etc.). Alright, you would say “Don’t spend on any luxuries then!” Well, that’s true, but you need to remember one thing. From time to time, I still need to spend on a little luxury for myself and my family. I do want to go on a vacation and I do want to change my mobile phone once in a while. After all, I am a human being. Not to mention, a Generation Y human being.

So, here’s the situation:

Stay in Australia:

– I need to get a proper job (which I personally think is nearly impossible to get)
– Pretty high starting salary and expenditures on essentials and luxuries are also not so bad, considering the salary.
– Need to spend on expensive rent and insurance.
– Greater spending power (if I get a good paying job of course).

Stay in Malaysia:

– I’ve already been offered a job
– OK salary but expensive essentials and luxuries
– Weaker spending power but nothing beats living in Malaysia eh? πŸ˜‰
– Don’t really need to pay rent in the beginning. Can always bunk in with the parents πŸ˜‰

Of course, a lot more factors will need to be considered before I can make a decision. I’ll be posting more posts relating to this issue soon.

Haih… Decisions decisions…


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