Victims of Attempted Robbery

I was reading an entry a fellow blogger wrote on her blog Magical Milestone and it made me wonder.

It made me wonder about the state of world we are living in at the moment.

She wrote about her aunt-in-law being a victim of theft recently. It was broad daylight at a public are when she and her daughter was approached by 3 men pretending to ask for directions. One of them then took out a knife and slashed her and her daughter. Luckily, there were good samaritans around to help them. It was also fortunate that nothing was taken.

The thing is, if we do not offer our help to strangers, we get labeled as snobs and rude. When we help people on the other hand, these sort of things happened.

I still remember a number of months ago in Australia, it came out in the news about this old man stopping to assist another man with his punctured tyres. The man then assaulted the old man and sped off with his car.

So, how do we react to these kinds of situation? Do we stop, become a good samaritan, and help? Or… Do we care about our own safety, don’t take any chances and just leave?

Anyway, whatever that you do, just be careful out there.

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