An Interesting Day at Uni

This week is the final week of lectures before SWOTVAC [Study Without Teachers Vacation (I didn’t know the meaning of this acronym right until the beginning of my second year!!) ] . After 1 week of SWOTVAC, I’ll be having my final exams. Anyway, enough about that, let’s get back to today. Something interesting happened to one of my lectures. Before that, let me tell you that Mr. D (can’t mention real names of course!) is our usual lecturer. He’s a bit of a drone…. or in other words, BORING… But today, we had a replacement lecturer. I thought, woohoo! However, turns out, Mrs. J (the replacement lecturer) is actually the queen of drones… She went on and on and on and on reading from the lecture slides and guess what? She added notes to the on-screen slides using the felt-tip pen feature on Powerpoint… using her mouse! Guess how slow that must have been! After half way through the lecture, every single soul, including myself, was waiting for our long-awaited 5-minute break, which to our dismay, never came! Then a student got up, gathered all his stuff and went off. Guess what happened after that. Yup, one by one got up and left the hall. The never-ending-door-slamming was Mozart to my ears. The cool thing was, I think half of the class ditched the lecture, and I swear I thought the lecturer was about to burst into tears. Haha.

Boring Lecturer
Alrighty then, till next post..

P.S. I stayed till the end 😉

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