How’s it going?

How’s it going my friends? Been a while since my last update. Heaps of apologies for that.

So, how are you faring in this financial crisis? A lot has happened these past few months. Recently, it has been made official that the US have been in a recession since December last year. We’ve seen the oil price topping nearly USD150 and now settling around USD36. On top of that, the interest rate in the US has plummeted to 0.25%. Oh, and not to forget, a number of giant companies collapsing.

Trading for me has been pretty much bland lately. I’m not trading as much as I’d like to (give or take about a few times per month) and in terms of bank balance, I’m going nowhere. Don’t even get me started about my unit trust investment.

Anyway, at what stage are we at now folks? Honestly, I have no idea. Most financial experts can only guess as well.

At the present moment, for the Aussie market, it appears that we’re in a consolidation pattern. Hopefully, a bottom is starting to form.

Come back bulls! We are starting to miss you!


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