Thomas and Friends Tomy Trains Collection

One thing about me is that I like to collect things. I’m not a hoarder though. Hehe. Some of my collections are stamps, coins and banknotes (collection still in its infancy), Hot Wheels cars (also in its infancy), books, and 1:500 scale diecast model aircrafts.

In this post however, I’ll dedicate to my Thomas and Friends collection. This collection was started pretty recently after a birthday present by my other half. I now have about a few Thomas and Friends set, which I intend to assemble all together, once I move to a bigger place!

Some of the characters from Thomas The Tank Engine that I currently own are Thomas, Harvey, Skarloey, James, Molly, Percy, Salty, and Donald. They are all from the Tomy range.

I might also get the Thomas and Friends collection from the Hornby range (a much upscale brand for adult collectors) a bit into the future.

Okay, enough babbling. Let’s look at some photos and a video.

First up, the Thomas Mega Set track layout.

And now a totally different track layout.

Here’s also a video of the second track layout with Salty working very very hard 🙂


Here’s a question for you. Do you reckon it is possible to keep these toys for years to come and then sell them at an inflated price? Hmm…


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