Boy, do I hate June 2008, and Barack Obama will lead Democrats into Presidency?

My goodness. I am currently experiencing a streak of bad things being thrown in my way this month.

First thing, I’ll be having my final exams in a couple of weeks. Hate it. Just can’t wait to get it over with.

Second, I just picked up my car from her 5000km service just now and I’m being slapped with the need to ground my car once again next Tuesday. My baby is in dire need to change her timing belt and water pump. Bye bye $1,000. Oh, not to mention, this month, I need to fork out more money for car insurance and rego (similar to road tax in Malaysia). Goes to show the need to spread big expenses throughout the year rather than flogging them all into one month huh?

At the same time, the financial markets is not agreeing with me at the moment. I lost an equivalent of a two-month salary of a graduate working in Malaysia these past few weeks. Time to get my psychological state back in place and continue trading according to my plan.

Fourth, I have been experiencing chronic headaches on a daily basis for the past five days. Need to see the doc I suppose.

With regards to Barack Obama, as mentioned in the title, he’s not amongst the bad things. In fact, congratulations are in order. I’d just like to share this hilarious music video made by Mad TV about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Friggin hilarious! Please take note that you might be offended with the contents of the video. Though if you’re up for a good clean ol’ laugh, then by all means press play.

A parody of Rihanna’s Umbrella, with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


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